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Whack Attack

Release Date: March 17, 2021

Publisher: Starloop Studios

Porting Team:

Original Developer: Starloop Studios

Platform Tags: Air Console

Visual Tags: 3D | Cartoon

Run, Evade, Attack!

Whack Attack is a delightful endless runner with a twist. Race along the sky roads and evade traps, pits and obstacles. But that’s not all: to succeed and score more points than your opponents, you will have to shove them off the track or into upcoming obstructions.

Attack, defend, snatch powerups, or profit from others’ fights by playing it safe and focusing on the track. Play in 6 wondrous sky worlds, or try the randomly generated Challenge levels with up to 4 players in local.

We did the QA Testing for Whack Attack for the Air Console version working with the developer company Starloop Studios.

We had to check Compatibility, Functionality and Certification for all these versions. We also worked on many other projects from Starloop Studios.

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