QA Services

Perfecting the gaming universe

At Lollipop Robot we have fully specialized in Compliance and Functionality testing, but we are able to make any Compatibility testing or any other QA task that your team might need.

Compliance Testing

Our expert certification specialists will assist you in increasing your chances of a hassle-free final submission.
With access to test kits and devices for the newest home consoles, handhelds, tablets and phones, our team will do in-depth testing to ensure your game or application will pass each certification on any platform.

Functionality Testing

Our functional testing services include gameplay, AI, interface, balancing, graphics, audio, scoring, multi-player and every other area of your game. The testing team assigned to your project will work with you on each step of the game development process. The team will perform an in-depth analysis of your game and will report all kinds of issues:

● Crash reports.
● Blocking issues.
● Localization issues.
● Interface problems.
● Visual glitches, framerate issues and animation problems.
● Feedback on AI, the learning curve and any other gameplay mechanics.
● All and every other potential problem your game may have in the current step of development.

Compatibility Testing

We dispose of different PC configurations between RAM, OS, GPU, and CPU; and different screens between many resolutions, HDR and refresh rates. We test the full game or just the most sensitive areas regarding graphics and performance on those PCs and then send you a document with all the different specs and how the game works on those devices.
For consoles, we dispose of every different interaction of each console in the previous and current generation to check in all possible devices that a player could play the game and with different screens too.