About us

Where every day is a play day!

Welcome to Lollipop Robot, a Spanish company specialist in Quality Assurance and Testing for Video Games and Applications. We test games like pros, fueled by lollipops and laughter. No bug stands a chance against our cheerful army, so let’s introduce the robo-stars orchestrating the magic behind the screens:

QA Manager

Iván “RobotIván” de Rosa

QA Lead

Iván “RobotCano” Cano

QA Tester & Assistant Manager

Manu “RobotManu” Marco

QA Tester & Transmedia Artist

Arquel “RobotArquel” Adonis

QA Tester

Jaime “RobotJaime” Alfaro

QA Tester

Álvaro “RobotÁlvaro” Sánchez

QA Tester

Daniel “RobotGarín” Garín