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Windjammers 2

Release Date: January 2, 2022

Publisher: DotEmu

Porting Team: BlitWorks

Original Developer: DotEmu

Platform Tags: PS4

Visual Tags: 2D | Hand-drawn

25 years later, throwing flying discs at your opponents is still as cool as back in the days. Sequel to the NEOGEO cult classic Windjammers, Windjammers 2 is the perfect mix between what you loved about the classic title and brand-new mechanics.

Fast-paced, strategic, easy to learn but hard to master: Windjammers 2 follows the steps of the first episode and brings back what makes the Windjammers series an amazing fun and competitive game!

A brand new, free update brings two new playable characters, Jamma GX03 and Anna Szalinski, a new training mode with dedicated lessons and customizable training course, and a reworked online system, now with full crossplay, dedicated lobbies, and spectator mode. Game on!

We did the QA Testing for Windjammers 2 for the PS4 version working with the porting team BlitWorks. They partnered with DotEmu to make it happen.

We had to check Compatibility, Functionality and Certification for this version. DotEmu liked the port so much that they collaborated again with BlitWorks and Lollipop Robot in Windjammers 1 and Streets of Rage 4.

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