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Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate

Release Date: August 24, 2023

Publisher: Headbang Club

Porting Team: Headbang Club

Original Developer: PUNKCAKE Délicieux

Platform Tags: Switch | Xbox One

Visual Tags: 2D | Pixel

Chess, but you replace your entire army with a royal shotgun. A unique strategy roguelike based on the timeless checkboard classic.

Every turn, you may either move your king or shoot at enemy pieces, after what you’ll need to move again to reload your shotgun. Avoid checkmate and kill the enemy king to complete the floor. After each floor, you may choose between two random combinations of one upgrade for you and one upgrade for the other side. Choose wisely and keep on winning floors and you just may get your kingdom back.

Runs may take ~20 minutes to complete. The game features 15 ranks of difficulty, unlockable cards, over 80 achievements to complete, an endless mode, and now a chase mode where you get continually assailed from all sides!

We did the QA Testing for Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions working with the publisher PUNKCAKE Délicieux. They partnered with Headbang Club to make it happen.

We had to check Compatibility, Certification and Functionality for all of these version. We worked with Headbang Club on many other projects.

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