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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Release Date: September 22, 2020

Publisher: Double Damage Games

Porting Team: BlitWorks

Original Developer: Double Damage Games

Platform Tags: PS4 | Switch | Xbox One

Visual Tags: 3D | Stylized

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is an open-world space combat adventure game, spread across the nearly 40 systems of the Dodge Sector. Play as a mercenary, a trader, a pirate, or whatever mix of the three you feel fits you best. With an engaging storyline and a full conversation system, you can follow the narrative, or ignore it and forge your own path at any time.

Engage in white-knuckle combat, and use the included Autopursuit function to effortlessly fly like an ace, instead of space-jousting for hours. Save up your credits, buy a new ship, kit it out, and then paint it in a fully-fledged 3D painting application. Make a fortune exploiting lucrative trade routes. Join guilds, help or hunt those in distress, buy and outfit your own space station. Grab a tip in a local bar and hunt hidden treasure. In your down-time, shoot some 8-ball, play some dice-poker, or aim for the high-score in an arcade game in the local seedy watering hole. Flip through the 7 included radio stations and vast music library for just the right track to fit your current mood.

We did the QA Testing for Rebel Galaxy for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions working with the porting team BlitWorks. They partnered with Double Damage Games to make it happen.

We had to check Compatibility, Functionality and Certification for these versions. We also worked in the prequel Rebel Galaxy with them.

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