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Path of Ra

Release Date: December 5, 2022

Porting Team: Oneiric Tales Studio

Original Developer: Oneiric Tales Studio

Platform Tags: Switch

Genre Tags: Adventure | Casual | Puzzle | Single Player

Visual Tags: 2D | Stylized

In Path of Ra, you accompany the soul of a Pharaoh reincarnated as a hieroglyph on the murals of his tomb. Move the slabs and create a path for him to collect the fragments of his heart. Relive his story and discover the circumstances of his death through sumptuous hand-crafted cinematics.

Over 60 carefully hand-crafted levels offer a challenge with each new painting in this puzzle game.

We did the QA Testing for Path of Ra for the Nintendo Switch version working with the publisher Oneiric Tales Studio.

We had to check the Compatibility, Certification and Functionality for this version.

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