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Clicker Heroes

Release Date: March 7, 2017

Publisher: Playsaurus

Porting Team: BlitWorks

Original Developer: Playsaurus

Platform Tags: PS4 | Xbox One

Visual Tags: 2D | Cartoon

Ever wondered what one quadrillion damage per second feels like? Wonder no more! Embark on your quest to attain it today in Clicker Heroes!

Start out by clicking on the monster to kill them, and get their gold. Spend that gold on hiring new heroes and get more damage. The more damage you deal, the more gold you will get. Feel the power as you grow exponentially and become the greatest ever!

Hire 35 unique heroes to help you do damage without having to click! Meet legendary figures from myth and legend, such as Athena, Amenhotep, King Midas, and more! They will all lend their sword to your cause, for a cost.

These guys’ damage per second makes your MMO characters look like kindergarteners. Spend your hard-earned loot on upgrading them to gain special powers to aid you in getting even more gold in Clicker Heroes!

We did the QA Testing for Clicker Heroes for the PS4 and Xbox One versions working with the porting team BlitWorks. They partnered with Playsaurus to make it happen.

We had to check Compatibility, Functionality and Certification for these versions.

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