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Release Date: January 25, 2024

Publisher: Gatera Studio

Porting Team:

Original Developer: Gatera Studio

Platform Tags: Steam

Visual Tags: 3D | Stylized

Dive into ANTRO to the rhythm of Hip Hop, Drill, R&B and electronic music mix with 2.5D platforming. Play as Nittch and move freely around the city overcoming the obstacles that ANTRO will put in your way, be it resolving puzzles or doing *parkour*. But keep this in mind: when the story requires it, get ready to run in full speed, because the pursuits in ANTRO are an everyday occurrence and both you and the scenario will move in synchrony with the music. Remember: the enemy is always lurking.

We did the QA Testing for Antro for the Steam Demo version working with the developer company Gatera Studio.

We had to check Functionality for this version.

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