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ALZARA: Radiant Echoes

Release Date: June 10, 2024

Publisher: Studio Camelia

Porting Team:

Original Developer: Studio Camelia

Platform Tags: Steam

Visual Tags: 3D | Stylized

ALZARA Radiant Echoes is a 3D turn-based JRPG inspired by beloved classics, with a soundtrack by composer Motoi Sakuraba (Dark Souls, Golden Sun) and main character designs by artist Yoshiro Ambe (Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem Heroes, Trials of Mana).

In ALZARA Radiant Echoes, players explore a fantasy Mediterranean archipelago in a world on the brink of war. Releasing on PC and consoles in 2026, the game offers a fresh take on the JRPG genre with a dynamic battle system that allows players to tactically swap heroes and share magical abilities to gain the advantage.

  • 3D turn-based JRPG inspired by beloved classics including Final Fantasy X, Golden Sun, and Lost Odyssey.
  • Dark Souls and Golden Sun composer Motoi Sakuraba works on the game’s soundtrack.
  • Main characters are designed by Japanese artist Yoshiro Ambe (Fire Emblem Heroes, Trials of Mana).
  • Explore the vibrant archipelago of TAQSIM, home to elemental entities called Zals.
  • The game’s story immerses players in the harsh realities of an invasion, where the concept of sharing becomes a moral battleground with profound consequences.
  • Take control of four heroes as you embark on an epic journey inspired by classic JRPGs across the stunning, beautiful world of ALZARA.
  • Harness the elemental magic of Kayla and her allies to battle the invading forces of Vedores. Share the magic to overcome puzzles and obstacles during your adventure.
  • Intense and strategic turn-based combats, swapping between heroes to combine elemental magic and unleash attacks.
  • Make offerings to gain favors and summon Legends to defeat your enemies.
  • Kickstarter campaign starting on May 14th, 2024.

We are working with the developer Studio Camelia to do the QA Testing for the Steam version.

We are currently doing the Functionality testing for this version.

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