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A Place for the Unwilling

Release Date: March 22, 2022

Publisher: Parallel Circles

Porting Team: ALPixel Games

Original Developer: ALPixel Games

Platform Tags: PS4 | Switch

Visual Tags: 2D | Cartoon | Hand-drawn

A branching narrative adventure set in the final 21 days of a dying city. Every decision you make will shape your surroundings and the city’s fate. However, the clock is ticking – and the city carries on, with or without you. Speak to everyone from eerie politicians to chain-smoking child anarchists. Work as a trader, socialize, explore the town freely, and play a role in the city’s hierarchy.

Combining the exquisite narrative depth and exploration of Sunless Sea with the curious setup of Majora’s Mask – plus a dash of Lovecraft – A Place for the Unwilling is a rich narrative experience where player choices really do count, set in a Dickensian world of colour and Eldritch nightmares.

The city is hungry. It will devour us all. Dream with caution.

We did the QA Testing for In A Place for the Unwilling for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions working with the developer company ALPixel Games. They partnered with Parallel Circles to make it happen.

We had to check Compatibility, Functionality and Certification for all of these versions.

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